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* Proper personal hygiene is required. Keep fingers and toenails cut short at all times, while hands and feet must be clean.

* Keep uniforms and gear clean.

* Remove footwear at the entry of the building and wear indoor footwear (thongs, sandals, or sleepers, or at least socks) inside the sports facility when off the mats. Remove footwear and socks before stepping on the mats. No shoes on the mats, never.

* No food over the mat either. Keep your bottle out of the mats.

* Remove all jewelry and piercings before class. No metal objects are to be worn on the mats to avoid injuries and damage to the mats.

* During class, when the instructor is demonstrating the techniques, talking should be kept to a minimum level and should relate to the class subject.

* Be punctual. The class starts on time, so arrive 10-15’ before class begins. Notify the coach if you know ahead that you will be late or need to leave earlier. In both case, come to salute the coach.

* If you are sick, stay home, and let the coach know if you have any suspicious skin infection before participating to a training.

* Turn your cellphone 's ring off and keep your phone in your bag (unless for a good reason that has been discussed with the coach).

* Politeness and courtesy are very appreciated. Avoid rude language.

* Jiu jitsu is about technique first. Avoid to overuse strength that could lead to injuring your training partners. Instead, be gentle and take care of them.

* The training room is a place to LEARN. Lowering your ego and tapping out in training is highly recommended to avoid injury.

* What you learn is taught for your development as a student and as a citizen. Using jiu jitsu to defend yourself if de-escalation strategies fail is accepted. However, using jiu jitsu to bully or attack people will result in a ban.

* Communication is key. I will always be happy to listen to you and discuss. I cherish honesty.

* When rolling and intruding within the space of another couple, the intruders clear the area.

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