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It is suggested to have completed the Beginners Course or to have a grappling background to join the Intermediate Classes. Nevertheless, it isn't mandatory.

The classes are split in two parts, with the first part dedicated to technique (standing and ground), and the second part to rolling (opposition). The program is established by the coach.

The classes are on:

Monday 20:00 - class

Wednesday 20:00 - class
Thursday 17:10 - class
Friday 18:00 - open mat
Saturday 9:30 - wrestling class / competition preparation / open mat 


- 159.990 for the whole year

- 52.490 for 3 months

- 14.990 kr / month (6 months contract)
- 19.990 kr / month (cancel anytime)

- 3.490 for a single class

Registration link: 

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