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Valentin Fels Camilleri is a french Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and Mixed Martial Artist enthusiast. 

He has a Masters Degree in Sports Science from the University of Strasbourg and has one peer-reviewed article that he co-wrote. 

Valentin coaches BJJ and does personal training (PT) at Mjölnir MMA on a daily basis, and is responsible of the BJJ Competition Team there.


He is an active competitor with multiple national titles, and medaled bronze at the ADCC European trials.

Valentin created the academy in Akranes in 2020. He teaches the adults classes and supervises the program of the teenagers.

Link to his website:


Instagram: @valentinguillotine


Helgi is a purple belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

He studies Philosophy at the University of Iceland and is not weird like John Danaher.

Helgi has managed to earn a bronze medal in every competition you can take part in on the Icelandic BJJ scene, which some think is more impressive than winning all of them.

Helgi teaches the Friday class and helps you to get into that weekend vibe.

Make sure to wish him a “Góða helgi, Helgi”.

Helgi is also the vice president of the Icelandic BJJ federation (BJÍ)

Instagram @helgi.o



Birgir is a jiu jitsu blue belt born and bred in Akranes.

He is the coach of the Ungmenni Jiu Jitsu section.

Birgir has been very invested into his jiu jitsu since he started it and he became the champion of the Heavyweight Unbroken Championships (-2 years) in 2023.

He has a long history of physical activity after having played football for Akranes for over 15 years.


Instagram: @birgirsteinn


Vilhjálmur Ingi is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt from the North of Iceland.

He started training in the first martial art school in Akureyri (Fenrir) aged 15.

Later, he became a part of the development and coaching team at Atlantic BJJ Akureyri.


Villi won a national title in 2023.

He travels abroad regularly to study and train grappling with broadly recognized coaches.

He currently trains at both Brimir and  Mjölnir MMA where he is a part of the competition team.

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